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  Builder of six A.I.A. award-winning projects
About Buland
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Architects and engineers love to get Buland Group involved in early stage development and cost estimating. They have the foresight and vision necessary to anticipate every construction opportunity and challenge in advance. Their ability to cost estimate accurately can slice weeks or even months off your project schedule, saving you thousands.

The Buland Group can blend proactive planning with precise project management to carry your project forward, no matter what obstacles emerge.  

Years ago, the owner of the Buland Group, Larry Buland, left his career in law enforcement to focus on constructing senior communities, affordable multi-unit housing, luxury residential and (coming soon) state-of-the-art health care facilities.

Larry's career accelerated several years ago when he gained his MBA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His deep understanding of technology, finance and personnel has shaped Buland Group's culture, enabling them to manage your project more strategically than most general contractors.

The disciplined focus of Buland Group's project management system will save you tens of thousands of dollars. Even better, you'll never worry that Buland Group made budget by cutting corners. The former law officer - and his people -won't tolerate compromised quality or broken promises.

At Buland, corporate values are as important as project value.





Larry Buland, MBA, President

Implements his clients' vision with systemic precision, driving financial controls to minimize client risk. Focused on building company culture while moving into new Midwestern markets.

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